How to Create a Hard Gainer Workout Plan

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Building muscle when you’re tall and skinny can seem as difficult as trying to colonize Mars. When your metabolism as faster than the speed of light maybe it WOULD be easier to colonize Mars than for a hard-gainer to build and keep muscle.

However, you should despair too much, because even though you may find it super hard to actually add muscle weight as a hard-gainer it isn’t actually impossible, it just takes a unique strategy.

There are a few sections to get in order if you ever want to go from “string bean” to “buff dude”. The main topics to focus on are broken down below:

Develop a Winning Mindset

If you want to be a winner you first have to think like a winner. This means stop whining and put your mind to building muscle, if you work hard enough at it you can achieve it.

People think there are shortcuts to getting strong and looking jacked. Get that thought out of your head right now. There are no such thing as shortcuts when it comes to building muscle. Muscle grows at extremely slow paces and is only stimulated by strenuous hard work.

This doesn’t mean it’s not achievable though. Look back on your greatest life accomplishments, things that you are proud of. How many of them were considered to be “easy”? Probably not many, and building muscle is just like those accomplishments, it will come with time, patience and hard work.

Once you’ve taken a firm grasp of the discipline required to actually achieve your goals then you can move on to the other required sections needed to build a physique like Mr. Olympia.

Train Correctly

You can work hard all day long but if you’re not doing the “right” work then you will just be wasting energy and spinning your wheels so-to-speak.

To stimulate the muscles and force them to grow you have to torture them. Seriously, that is what workout out is, it is slowly tearing and stressing the individual strands of muscle fibers in your body so that they are forced to rebuild into even bigger and stronger fibers.

How does one go about doing this? First you have to develop workout strategy that suits your body type. For shorter overweight people, this strategy would include a little weight lifting and a ton of cardio.

For tall skinny people, also known as “ectomorphs”, then you will have to follow a different strategy that emphasizes working out and eating with less cardio. The website Skinny Yoked has broken down some great workouts for ectomorphs you can research when developing your own plan.

Adding muscle as an ectomorph is more difficult sure because your metabolism acts at a much higher pace than the normal individual. In fact studies have shown that people with high metabolism burn even MORE calories when working out and trying to build muscle, so the next step, that is “nutrition” is one to pay special attention to!

Eat the Right Foods

Eating the right foods is critical. If you do not eat the right food in the right quantities you can train all day and all night and you will never add the muscle mass you’ve been dreaming of.

This means eating whole foods whenever possible, and eating them up to 5 or 6 times a day if you are trying to gain weight. Gaining weight, that is muscle mass and not fat, as somebody with a high metabolism, requires a constant influx of nutrition to fuel growth. If you stop eating your body will run out of fuel and stop building muscle.

Whole wheat bread, oats, yams, fish, lean beef, chicken, brown rice, milk, cottage cheese, whey protein powder, peanut butter, these things will all help you gain muscle while keeping your body in tip-top shape.


In summary, building muscle as a tall skinny dude isn’t easy, it isn’t easy at all. However, most things in life worth achieving are not easy and this is one of them. The benefit of being tall and skinny and building muscle is that once you have it, you are usually leaner (lower body fat %) and thus the muscle looks clearer and more toned. Sure, you have to work harder at it but once you have it, it looks amazing.

Another great resource for practical bodybuilding tips for body types of all sizes is Scooby’s Workshop. Scooby has tons of videos covering diet, workouts and just fitness in general and is definitely worth your time checking out.

Scooby is jacked right? Well, you could say that when he started workout out he was an ectomorph too because he was so tall and skinny. Now look where he is!

This is proof that no matter what body type you are born with, with the right strategy, workout, mindset, and diet you can achieve just about anything your heart desires.

Don’t let the naysayers get you down and stop comparing yourselves to other individuals in your gym. Go in with a hard working mindset and focus on your OWN GOALS and you’ll get where you’re going.

We all fall down in life but that isn’t important. What is most important is that we get back up again after we fall. If you keep getting up you will overcome any obstacle!