Choosing a Mattress

foops Choosing a Mattress

There will always be a time when we need to change our mattress as nothing lasts forever and in the case of a mattress, although it could last forever, the longer we have it the more uncomfortable it gets. When we sleep at night it is so our bodies and minds can rest and we wake up refreshed the next day but if we do not sleep well, we are not as refreshed as we need to be in order to face that next day as effectively and brightly as we should. If we miss one night’s sleep then maybe we can make it up the next night but if the cause of us missing that night’s sleep is due to our mattress being uncomfortable, it is very doubtful that we will be able to make up that lost sleep and we will just keep losing more and more sleep until we become so tired that we find it hard to function at all, either in our work or in our social activities.

Our mattress is therefore very important and although they can be expensive, considering we probably spend one third of our day on it, it is not that expensive. For instance we spend 8 hours a day on our mattress and perhaps 2 in our car but our mattress does not cost as much as our car and if we do not get adequate sleep perhaps we should not even drive that car. The two essentials that we all need are food and sleep and although food is not as expensive as a mattress, when you consider that a mattress will probably last a minimum of ten years then yes, we will spend more on food in that ten years than what the cost of the mattress was. For a happy and comfortable life we must therefore make the effort to have a mattress that is comfortable enough to ensure us a good night’s sleep every night but, if we still decide that we cannot afford a new mattress there is one other solution and that solution is to buy a mattress topper.

You can learn about mattress toppers at but what they are is a top layer for a mattress and that top layer is the comfort layer and so without buying a full mattress, we can still make ourselves comfortable every night. A new mattress is very thick but the reason it is thick is because it has to support our body, the full weight of our body but the comfort part of a mattress is a thinner layer located at the top of the mattress and if that layer becomes uncomfortable, the whole mattress feels uncomfortable. The solution is therefore to buy another top layer and place it on top of our old mattress and that top layer is what is referred to as a mattress topper and is usually far cheaper than buying a full mattress complete with both comfort and support layers