foops Exercising

Exercising is something which as increasing number of people seems to be doing and although this means that new gymnasiums are opening up all around the country, many people prefer to exercise in their own homes. Of course a gymnasium will probably have far more equipment than most homes but some of the more beneficial exercises need little or no equipment.

Two very beneficial exercises which need little or no equipment are pull ups and sit ups. Sit ups can of course be done with or without any apparatus and any static bar will suffice to do pull ups however, many people that do exercise in their homes are choosing to buy specially designed pull up bars suitable for home use. Although some people know of the doorway pull up bars, not so many know there is also a no door needed pull up bar for use in the home and in fact there are two types of these pull up bars. The first is the wall mounted pull bar and the other is the freestanding pull up bar and they are both just as effective as the doorway pill up bars.

Pull ups are very popular exercises and well they should be as they are deemed to be what are known as compound exercises which target multiple muscle groups and not just one group which many other exercises do. The pull ups target muscle groups in the upper body and sit ups, which are also compound exercises, target the muscle groups in the lower body. If used together, for many people they are enough exercise, ensuring that the whole body benefits from the routine. Perhaps surprisingly though, as few as just ywo pull ups can benefit the body but, usually people will try and increase that number as they go along, improving the body’s health and shape even more.

Pull ups and sit ups are considered so good that most fitness instructors will include them in any exercise regime they may recommend, regardless of the goals of the exercise. Many people of course start exercising in order to try and lose weight and even these people are recommended to include these two exercises in their routines, even though they are not considered weight loss exercises. The reason for these to be recommended is that they are able to increase a body’s heart rate and that will assist anyone in completing the other exercises which may specifically target weight loss.

Not everyone that does pull ups uses the same grip and some people even change their grip during each session and the reason for this is that the way they grip the bar can make a difference as to which muscle group is targeted most. One grip is with the hands wide apart whilst another is with the hands together and a third, which often referred to as chip ups grip, is where the hands grip the bar in a reverse fashion but all of the grips provide a good overall workout.